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Friday, December 7, 2012


Do you remember Gomer? It’s not the most popular name found on the birth registry at most hospitals. No, not the one from the TV show, Gomer Pyle, USMC. The Gomer I am writing about was a woman. She was the daughter of Diblaim. Yes the names are a bit different, but stay with me on this because it gets even more strange. This post is about just one aspect of Gomer’s story.

What would you do if God told you to marry someone who you knew would not remain faithful? Gomer was a prostitute and God told Hosea to marry her. See, I told you it gets strange. Why on earth would our loving God tell the prophet Hosea, a man of God, to marry a prostitute? Hosea knew she had not been faithful; after all she was a prostitute. Hosea also knew that she probably would not remain faithful after they married. He was right; Gomer left after giving birth and fell back into a life of prostitution. When Hosea found her, she was being sold for less than the slaves. Her life had hit rock bottom. Hosea bought her back and they remained married afterwards.
How many people remain faithful before or after the wedding night? Unfortunately that number continues to decline. Statistics say that about ½ of married couples will have an affair. Affairs are not just for ordinary, common people. President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, Gen. David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell, are just a few examples of highly influential married people that had affairs. The world tells us to do whatever we want, with whomever we want, whenever you want and there are no consequences for your actions. What a bunch of lies. Don’t fall for the lies of the world.
Stay connected to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit with prayer and Bible reading. Stay connected with your spouse. Not just in a sexual way even though it is the glue in marriage, but by playing together, talking & listening (hearing) to each other, reading the Bible together, praying together, etc. There are endless ways to connect with your spouse. Did you notice I did not mention kids? They will grow up and leave one day (at least they are supposed to). After the kids are grown and gone you and your spouse will be spending much more time with each other and you do not need to be strangers to each other. Ever.
Do whatever you must to remain pure to God and your spouse. No matter what our past looks like our future is up to us to write. So, write a masterpiece of a life and marriage. God tells us to remain faithful to Him and our spouse. God lays before us a choice of life or death. Choose life.
Hosea & Gomer = God’s love for unfaithful Israel and us.


  1. Thank you for this entry. It truly has shown me that my marriage is worth it no matter what.

    1. We are praying for your marriage. God is always faithful to us. Every marriage is worth dying to ourself. Self can be a very hard thing to put down but we must in order to have the marriage God designed for us.
      God Bless

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