Verse Of The Day

Thursday, November 15, 2012


The greatest compliment you can give anyone, especially your spouse, is to listen when they’re speaking. But do more than just listen, hear what they are saying. Watch their body language and how they are saying it, not just what they are saying.

The greatest insult you can give anyone is when you don’t listen to them. Do you keep your eyes on the TV, computer screen, video game, texting or just look past them? Is it wait for the next timeout or commercial break? Or is it, just let me call my girlfriend back first?

How often do you give your spouse (or kids) your undivided attention? Do you put down whatever you were doing and look them in the eyes with your full attention? When we do, our actions tell them that we actually care about them and what they are saying.

The next time your spouse (or kids) are speaking to you, stop everything and give them your full attention. If it is hard at first, keep working at it and pray about it. They are the most important people in your life and they are worth the effort.


  1. I try very hard to do this because I know I get distracted easily. That said, I often don't hear the initial start of the conversation, so I find myself saying "I'm sorry, I didn't hear that at all, can you start over?" fairly often.

  2. Jay Dee, I completely understand. Everyone should show respect when others are speaking. I have seen people in church texting, checking FaceBook, Twitter etc. and I wonder if they are there to learn or just to socialize.
    I have high frequency hearing loss from guns and loud music when I was younger. Not an excuse but it makes me try harder to really hear what was said. Background noise is very tough. Thank God my bride really does understand that.
    Thanks for the comment and God Bless,