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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


As husbands, we are the Spiritual leaders of our family. Just as Jesus prayed for His disciples in the garden we should pray over our wife. There are several subjects in this prayer and there are days that God leads me to just one. I have started asking Dianne if there is anything specific she wants me to pray about for her. If what she asks about is not in this prayer, God leads me in how to pray for her that day. If you are not up to asking this question yet, just ask God and He will lead you in what to pray about for your bride on that day. This prayer is from "The Power of a Praying Husband" by Stormie Omartian. I want to thank her for helping me stay focused about praying for Dianne, my bride.
Lord, create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. Show me where my attitude and thoughts are not what you would have them to be, especially toward Dianne.  Convict me when I am being unforgiving.  Help me to let go of any anger that confusion will not have a place in my mind.  If there is behavior in me that needs to change, enable me to make changes that last.  Whatever you reveal to me, I will confess to you as sin.  Make me a man after your own heart.  Enable me to be the head of my home and family that you created me to be.  Lord, show me how to really cover Dianne in prayer.  Enable me to love her the way that you do.  Convict my heart when I don’t live your way.
Lord, as much as I love Dianne, I know you love her more.  I pray that you will give Dianne the fulfillment of knowing you in a deeper and richer way than she ever has before.  Help her to be diligent and steadfast in her walk with you, never doubting or wavering.  Make her strong in spirit and give her an ever-increasing faith that always believes that you will answer her prayers.  Help her to increase her knowledge of you.  Give her discernment and revelation and enable her to hear your voice instructing her.  I pray that Dianne will find new life in you today and enjoy your blessings poured out upon her.  Help her to trust you with all her heart and not depend on her own understanding.
Lord, protect Dianne from the author of lies and help her to cast down “every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.”  Give her discernment about what she receives into her mind.  I pray she will quickly identify lies about herself, her life or her future.  May she turn to you rather than give place to negative, upsetting, evil or disturbing thoughts.  Help me not to react inappropriately or withdraw from my wife emotionally when I don’t understand her.  Please restore her soul, heal her broken heartedness, and bind up her wounds.  Make her to be secure in your love and mine.  Take away all fear, doubt, and discouragement, and give her clarity, joy and peace.
Lord, I pray that you will help Dianne to be the best mother to our children that she can be.  Guide her as she makes decisions regarding each child.  By the authority you have given me, as a believer as well as a husband and father, I ask you to break any rebellion or area of disobedience that would erect a stronghold in our children.  Lord, I know we cannot successfully raise our children without you.  So I ask that you would take the burden of raising them from us and partner with us to bring them up.  Give Dianne and me patience, strength and your knowledge to train, teach, discipline and care for each child.  Establish an environment where our Christian beliefs are on constant display before our children.  Help us to better schedule our time with our children.  Give us discernment about what we allow into our home through TV, books, movies, video games, magazines and computer activities.  I also ask you for the gifts of intelligence, strength, talent and godliness to be in our children.  Keep them safe from any accident, disease or evil influence.  I pray that Dianne will find fulfillment, contentment and joy as a mother and wife, while never loosing sight of who she is in you.
Lord, I pray for Dianne and ask that you would calm her spirit, soothe her soul and give her peace today.  Where there is error in her thinking, I pray you would reveal it to her and set her back on course.  Balance her body perfectly so that she is not carried up and down like a roller coaster.  Give her inner tranquility that prevails no matter what is going on around her.  Show me how to convince her that I love her, and help me to be able to demonstrate it in ways she can perceive.  Lord, I know that you have “called us to peace”.  Help us both hear that call and live in the peace that passes all understanding.
Lord, I pray that you would establish in me and Dianne bonds of love that cannot be broken.  Show me how to love her in an ever-deepening way that she can clearly perceive.  I ask that you give Dianne and me agape love for each other.  May we have mutual respect and admiration for each other so that we become and remain one another’s greatest friend, champion and unwavering supporter.  Where love has been diminished, lost, destroyed or buried under hurt and disappointment, put it back in our hearts.  Enable Dianne and me to forgive each other quickly and completely.  Help us to be kind to one another, tenderhearted and forgiving, the way you are to us.  Where we are in disagreement and this has caused strife, I pray you would draw us together on the issues.  Make our communication open and honest so that we would avoid misunderstandings.  Teach us to seek each other’s well-being first.  I pray that we will not live two separate lives, but will instead walk together as a team.  Lord, protect our marriage from anything that would destroy it.  Take out of our lives anyone who would come between us or temp us.  Help us to immediately recognize and resist temptation when it presents itself.  Sever all unholy ties in both of our lives.  May there never be any adultery or divorce in our future to destroy what You, Lord, have put together.
Lord, I submit myself to you today.  Lead me as I lead my family.  Help me to make all decisions based on your revelation and guidance.  As I submit my leadership to you, enable Dianne to fully trust that you are leading me.  Help us to understand the kind of submission you want from us.  Enable me to be the leader you want me to be.  Help me to love her the way you love me, so that I will gain her complete respect and love.  Help us to submit to one another in your fear.  Lord, help us to also use our testimony to share our relationship with you and bring others to you.
Lord, I pray for Dianne to have good, strong, healthy relationships with godly women.  Take away any relationship that will not bear good fruit.  I also pray for good relationships with our entire family.  I pray for resolution of any in-law relationships for either of us.  Lord, please protect our parents and extended family.  Show me what I can do to make a positive difference.  Lord, I pray that Dianne will always be a forgiving person.  Even if she doesn’t feel like it at the moment, help her to forgive out of obedience to you.  Show her that forgiveness doesn’t make the other person right, it makes her free.  I especially pray that here would be no unforgiveness between us.  Enable us to forgive each other quickly and completely.
Lord, I lift up to Dianne to you today and ask that you would be in charge of her life.  Show her how to seek you first in all things, and to make time with you her first priority every day.  Show her how to find balance between being a wife, mother, running our home, working, serving in your church and finding time for herself so that she can be rested and refreshed.  Lord, I pray that you would help Dianne to make our home a peaceful sanctuary.  Regardless of our financial state, give her the knowledge, energy, strength, vision and clarity of mind to transform our home into a beautiful place of refuge that brings joy to each of us.  I ask you to lift her from the burden of caring for our home and give her peace about it.  Show me how I can encourage and help her in that.  Holy Spirit, I invite you to fill our home with your peace, truth, love and unity.
Lord, I pray that you would give Dianne the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in your sight.  Help her to appreciate the beauty you have put in her.  Help me to remember to encourage her and speak words that will make her feel beautiful.  Where anyone in her past has convinced her that she is unattractive and less than you made her to be, I pray that you would replace those lies with your truth.  Convince her of how valuable she is to you; so that I will be better able to convince her of how valuable she is to me.  Help me to always have Dianne as the standard of beauty and to stay passionate about her.  Make Dianne beautiful in every way, and may everyone else see the beauty of your image reflected in her.
Lord, I pray that you would bless Dianne today, and especially bless our marriage and our sexual relationship.  Help us to be unselfish and understanding toward each other.  Teach us to show affection to each other in ways that keep romance and desire alive between us.  Show me if I ever hurt her, and help me to apologize in a way that will cause her to forgive me completely.  Any time we have an argument or a breakdown in communication, enable us to get over it quickly and come back together physically so no room is made for the devil to work.  Make our sexual relationship fulfilling, enjoyable, freeing and refreshing for both of us.  May our intimacy bond the two of us together and connect our hearts and emotions as well as our bodies.  Keep our hearts always faithful.  Take out of our lives anyone or anything that would cause temptation.  Lord, give Dianne and me the strength to remain sexually pure in your eyes.  Where there has been unfaithfulness in thought or deed on the part of either of us, I pray for full repentance, cleansing and release from it.    Keep us free from anything that would cause us to neglect this vital area of our lives.  Renew and revitalize our sexual relationship, and make it all you created it to be.
Lord, I pray that you would help Dianne be anxious for nothing.  Set her free from any fear and comfort her today.  Teach me to recognize the ploy of the enemy every time he tries to steal life from her by bringing fear to torment her.  I stand against any enemy attacks targeted at my wife, and I say that a spirit of fear will have no place in her life.  Strengthen her faith in You, Lord, to be her Defender.  Enable Dianne to rise up and say, “The Lord is my light and salvation; whom shall I fear?  The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”  Help her to separate herself from that which tempts her.  I say to Dianne that “no temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God if faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.”  Lord, enable my wife to endure temptation and receive the crown of life which you have promised to those who love you.  Help her to wait upon you instead of waiting for things to change.
Lord, I know that you have placed within Dianne special gifts and talents that are to be used for your purpose and your glory.  Show her what they are, and show me too, Lord, that I may encourage her.  I pray that you would give her understanding that your plan for her life has a specific and perfect timing.  Lord, I pray that Dianne will be the wife you have called her to be and the wife I need her to be.  Bring her into alignment with your ultimate purpose for her life, and may she be fulfilled in it.  Lord, grant my wife according to her heart’s desire, and fulfill her purpose.
Lord, I pray that you would give Dianne the ability to trust me in all things.  Most of all, I want her to trust Your Holy Spirit working in and through me.  Where I have not been trustworthy or have violated her trust, show me, and I will confess that before you as sin.  Help me to not conduct myself that way anymore.  Where she has lost trust in me unjustly, I pray that you would help her to see the truth.  If she doesn’t trust me because of something someone else has done to her, help her forgive that person so she can be free.  In any place where we have broken trust with each other, help us to establish it as strong.  Break any unholy bonds or soul ties between us and any other person.  Help us to fully repent of all relationships outside of our own that were not glorified to you.  Lord, I pray that you would deepen my trust and love of Dianne.  I pray that she will always be a trustworthy person and that I will be able to trust her completely.  I say this day on behalf of my wife and me that you are our refuge and our fortress.  You are our God, and in you will we trust.
Lord, I pray that you would surround Dianne with Your hand of protection.  Keep her safe from any accidents, diseases or evil influences.  Protect her in cars, planes or wherever she is.  Protect her from the plans of evil people.  I pray that Dianne will make her refuge “in the shadow of your wings” until “these calamities have passed by”.  Lord, I pray that you would help Dianne to truly see that her body is your dwelling place.  May she acknowledge you in all her ways – including the care of her body – so that you can direct her paths.  Let no weapon formed against my wife be able to prosper.  Keep her at all times under the umbrella of your protection, and deliver her from the enemy’s hand so no evil comes near her.  Thank you, Lord, that this day You will cover Dianne and help her to lie down in peace, and sleep; for You alone, O Lord, make her to dwell in safety.
Lord, I pray that you would touch Dianne this day and fulfill her deepest desires.  Help her to surrender her dreams to you so that you can bring to life the ones you have placed in her heart.  Lord, I pray that in the midst of all my wife has to do; there would be time for what she enjoys most.  Show me how to encourage her to prioritize her time for the things she enjoys.  I pray we will have common interests we can enjoy together.  Lord, I know that you would not give us dreams that are not compatible.  I pray that the desires of our hearts will be perfectly knitted together.
Lord, I pray that you would help Dianne to be successful in her work.  No matter what her work is at any given time, establish it, and help her to find favor.  Continue to reveal, develop and refine those gifts and talents you have given to her, and use them for your purpose.  Help us to build one another up and not forget that we are on the same team.  Lord, your word says when we commit our work to you; the financial blessing we receive will not bring misery along with it.  I pray that Dianne will be rewarded well for her work and that it will bless us, our family and others.  Enable her to accomplish great things so that you are glorified.
Lord, I pray that you would set Dianne free from anything that holds her other than you.  Deliver her from any memory of the past that has the power to control her or keep her trapped in its grip.  Help her to forgive any person who has hurt her so that unforgiveness will not be able to hold her captive. Help her to live in your presence so that she can be made totally whole.  In the name of Jesus I pull down any strong holds the enemy has erected around Dianne.  I pray she will walk with wisdom and find full deliverance.  Show me how to love and support her well in the process.
Lord, I pray that you would enable Dianne to live in total obedience to your laws and your ways.  Help her to see where her thoughts and actions are not lined up with your directions and as to how she is to live.  Remind her to confess any error quickly, and enable her to take the steps of obedience she needs to take.  Keep my wife from doing anything that separates her from the fullness of your presence and your love.  Bless her mind, emotions and will as she takes steps of obedience.  Give her the confidence that comes from knowing she has just obeyed you.  Lord, your word says, “No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.”  I pray that my wife will walk uprightly and that you will pour your blessings upon her.
Lord, I pray for Dianne to have total peace about the past, present and future of her life.  Give her a vision for her future that makes her certain she is safe in your hands.  Keep her, and the people she loves, protected from the plans of the evil one.  Help her to see her future from your perspective and not believe any lies of the enemy.  Give her confidence that the future is something she never has to fear.  When she has to make any decision, I pray that You, Holy Spirit, will guide her.  Bless Dianne with the discernment to distinguish the truth from a lie.  May the fruit of her life be seen every year and even into old age may she be fresh and flourishing.  Bless her with a long life, and when she comes to the end of her life, may it not be one moment before your chosen time.  Let the transition also be attended with peace and joy, and the absence of suffering.  Let it be said of Dianne that she was your light to the world around her.  I am confident that “He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ”.
In Your Holy Son’s name, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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